How To Have The Best Morning Every Day

How to be happy: Good Morning tips

Let’s be honest: Most of us aspire to be those people we see on social media, you know the ones, who wake up every morning at 6 am and do yoga, eat a green smoothie, then post a picture of their perfectly tidied up living space, the essential oil diffuser in view, with so much natural sunlight flooding in it looks like they live on the shore of a tropical paradise. Like seriously, do you have to live in Bali or on the Golden Coast to be healthy, happy, and thriving? The answer is no. You don’t have to be wealthy, or the most fit, or have perfect skin, or have the sun in your living room to be happy. The reality is YOU choose how your day will proceed, and it all starts in the morning.


Here are some things you can do in the morning to raise those vibrations and slay the day to come:


  • Create a morning ritual. Does the smell of coffee in the morning fill your mind with happy thoughts of coming back to life and awaken the fire in your soul? Then, sis! Put the timer on your coffee maker the night before to brew the time you want to wake up. Or if you don’t have one of those coffee makers, get up and out of bed and before you can even think about how much you’d rather be in bed  and just go. Make. the damn. Coffee. You will be so much more likely to stay up and get at ‘em if you have your favorite coffee in your hand. And make sure to drink water as well in the morning, because that coffee will dehydrate you girl. After you have your coffee (or tea, or whatever your drink of choice may be), give thanks for this infinite life force energy in your mug (a little dramatic, but some mornings it really does feel that way). Also, scents are extremely powerful energies, so light a candle, or turn on your essential oil diffuser, or light some incense! Put on some positive vibration meditation music  and give thanks. For whatever pops into your head.



  • Get up early. Whatever that means for you whether it is 4 am or 10 am. Get up and make some NOISE! Give yourself a round of applause, seriously. It’s silly and goofy and will probably make you laugh, and what’s better than laughter?! Put on your favorite audiobook or spotify playlist. Dance it out. Get inspired. My favorite audiobooks at the moment are You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Let their powerful words affect you and change you. Appreciate that you have access to their wisdom.


  • Listen. Listen to your body. Eat a balanced breakfast. Or don’t. I’m never hungry in the morning and I don’t believe in not listening to your body so if water and coffee are enough for you, awesome. If not, then eat! Mornings are for YOU and what you NEED. Just because you aren’t feelin’ a green smoothie or oatmeal doesn’t mean your morning isn’t as awesome and healthy as those who prefer these things.


  • Stretch it out. You’ve just arisen from the grave that is your bed, and your body needs to be woken up just as thoroughly as your mind does. Stretching is therapeutic and meditative so let yourself enjoy it. Breathe it in. Release the stress. Enjoy the feeling of your body moving and working. Your body is your personal vessel of whatever you choose to bring into this world, be thankful for it and allow it to work properly for you.



  • Dress up and show up. It has been psychologically proven that when you feel good about your appearance, your confidence becomes more powerful, and thus you are free to slay the day without hesitation. Also, when I say “dress up” I don’t mean you have to wear your Sunday best every day, absolutely not. What I mean is, dress the way that is going to make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. That one pair of yoga pants that makes your butt look great, that’s what I mean! Or that t shirt with your favorite band on it that makes you feel happy and nostalgic, that’s what I mean! Or if you prefer high heels and a red dress, yes go for it! Dressing up means WHATEVER you want it to! As long as you feel good, you can’t go wrong. As for showing up, this means doing the things you may not want to, like going to your 8 am, or going to that yoga class at 6 am, or sending important emails. The key here is that you have to show up and be present. Be an active participant in your life! Nothing in your life just happens to you. You choose your journey and your job is to make sure you are present along the way. Yeah, you may absolutely abhor history class but really think about what you can learn from your professor or your peers. Don’t resent that you have to be there. Nothing is a waste of time if you can grow and learn from it. Be thankful that this experience is challenging you.



  • Positive affirmations. Tell yourself out loud how kick ass you’re going to make this day. These babies can change your life. They really work, and if you don’t believe me just try them. Try to actually believe what you’re saying. If you absolutely can’t because you feel ridiculous, fake it til you make it. Pretend you’re playing a character who really believes these things. Then, pretend you are someone who believes these things. Then, just freaking believe it. Stop limiting yourself. You are capable of anything you put your mind to, including having a rad day every day.


Here are some links to my favorite positive affirmation pins on Pinterest. Choose your favorites and say them to yourself every morning and throughout the day, and watch your world become a happier place.


  • Adopt the attitude of gratitude. This is most definitely the most important advice I could give to anyone about literally anything. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll see that I’ve ended every little blurb with a line about giving thanks or appreciating everything. In the morning, I love to write in a journal anything I’m feeling especially grateful for that day. Maybe it’s in a random notebook, or a specific journal for your proclamations of gratitude – it doesn’t matter. Giving thanks will immediately raise your vibrations and allow you to see the beauty in the seemingly mundane. If you’re going through something particularly emotionally trying or physically exhausting, try to think of how this is changing you for the better, and be thankful for that. Will this experience allow you to grow stronger? Will it allow you to better relate to others? Or create painfully truthful art? Is this experience showing you what you really want in life? Is it clarifying your path regarding career or relationships? Whatever it is, give thanks.


  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Do NOT freak out if you don’t actually do any of the things I’ve listed. Maybe your morning sucked and you felt crappy. Maybe you woke up too late to make coffee or breakfast. Hear this loud and clear, for your own sake: It is not the end of the world. Here’s what to do when this happens: Recognize that you did not start the day the way you had hoped. Understand that this is temporary! You get to choose how you handle this situation. You are in control of what happens next. Force yourself to smile, it’s annoying but it works, and say some positive affirmations either out loud or in your head. Reassure yourself that you will still have a kickass rest of the day even though your morning didn’t go as planned. Changing your thinking is changing your life. You will get to eat, laugh, create, enjoy, and do absolutely anything you choose to do today. If you choose to have a shitty day and tell yourself that your morning was horrible so everything is horrible and it’s “just a bad day” then you can bet your ass it will be awful. Of course you’re gonna have a terrible day if you’re committed to being miserable. Cut that shit out and get real. Get happy! Be grateful for all that you have been blessed with and enjoy every moment of the rest of your day. Just laugh about it. And most importantly, be grateful that you get to live this unique day on this extraordinary planet in your one of a kind body and mind. And then go have ana amazing day! You got this! I believe in you, and so does the universe.

I sincerely hope these little tips help you in any way, shape, or form. I hope you have the best mornings ever, and I truly believe that you are capable of creating your best life. Even if your mornings don’t look like this. As long as you are happy, you can’t go wrong. 🙂

2 thoughts on “How To Have The Best Morning Every Day”

  1. This is a great post. I was just talking about how I wanted to create intentionally peaceful mornings when I did my New Year’s resolutions check in on my blog but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I really need to try the whole “dress to feel your best” thing even when I’m exhausted. Thanks!

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